This simple site shares resources for topics that David and Joy Hazel have taught on.


Like most knowledge, strong understanding rises through collaboration and learning from others.

Some resources that we have learned from are:

Your Hosts

David Hazel

A clarity bringer, experimenter, and story teller. David has lead many small groups, hosted weekend workshops, edited several books, served on the advisory board of Rise Life Academy, spent five years as a pastor, and 15+ years as a professional software developer. He relentlessly experiments to learn, grow, and find clarity.

Joy Hazel

A facilitator of success, fun bringer, teacher, and cook. Joy is a master of goals, lists, and laughter. When Joy set the goal to run her first marathon, she invited people to train with her, and this simple invitation started a tribe of life-long friends. Joy lives for teamwork, and it shows in her marriage, work, and friendships. She loves experimenting too, cooking up several new recipes every week. Professionally, Joy has taught highschool math for over five years. Joy has learned (the hard way?) to focus her teaching not on information, but on new ways of thinking.

David and Joy Hazel

Married at an older age (David at 37, Joy at 28), David and Joy share many insights on dating, relationships, life as singles, and more. They have lead small groups together, hosted a weekend workshop during their engagement, and generally have lots of fun. They share a unique voice, in that both of their immediate family lines, for at least three generations, have had no divorce.